Partners and Sponsors

A heartfelt thank you to the following sponsors, partners, and friends of A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc.

Partners and Sponsors Allezom International Magazine
Partners and Sponsors Author Toni L. Coleman Carter
“When Trouble Finds You”
450 W. Schaumburg Road #1244
Schaumburg, Illinois 60168
(630) SET-FREE
Partners and Sponsors Ebony Charmaine
Law Office of E.C. Holden
Divorce & Family Lawyer
Partners and Sponsors Family Hugs, Inc.
Partners and Sponsors It’s All About U Magazine
Partners and Sponsors Princess Club Organization
Partners and Sponsors Tutus by Mozella
Mozella Malone, Owner
Partners and Sponsors Tiff’s Editing Café

Scholarship Sponsors

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors at A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens Inc., I want to extend a heart-felt thank you to our Scholarship Sponsors. Thank you for your commitment to making this years event successful! Because of your financial assistance our Emerging Woman Of Purpose will be greatly helped to pay for some of her educational expenses, and it will allow her to concentrate more on her time for studying.

Your generous contribution helped make our vision a reality, and for that we will be forever grateful! We would like to thank :

Partners and Sponsors The Precious Gift of Hope
Partners and Sponsors When Trouble Finds YOU and Women of Excellence

Give A Teen Mother Opportunities Sponsors

We want to express our appreciation for our supporters generosity in the “Give A Teen Mother Opportunities” Campaign. Your personal commitment is incredibly thoughtful and will help us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. Thank you from all of us!

Partners and Sponsors -Eyshon Salahuddin
-Kathryn Mackey
-Sandy Champion Design and Photography
Partners and Sponsors Shameka Elle