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A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. (ACH) strongly believes that by transforming the lives of teen mothers today, we can positively impact generations to come and end the cycle of repeat teenage pregnancy. ACH provides pregnant and parenting teens primarily from South Suburban Cook County and Chicago’s south side with a network of support services to help them complete high school. Teen mothers are also encouraged to volunteer and complete community service hours to fulfill school credit requirements for graduation.

ACH hosts seasonal fundraisers to obtain resources for teen mothers and their children, ranging from diapers, food, toys, education supplies, and clothing. Our mentorship efforts include: connecting teen mothers with appropriate social and human services and mediating challenges within the family.

ACH is expanding sex education initiatives to address an observed increase in young girls being sexually molested prior to teen pregnancy, more instances of date violence, and bullying that pressures young girls to become sexually active to compete with other girls. Our hope is that we can successfully partner with local school districts and professional counselors and therapists to address these dangerously destructive family and home environments that are adversely impacting the self-esteem of our young girls.

Our workshops and programs equip teens with information that help them to be the best parent they can be. Young families will learn about child development, nutrition, safety, language development, and much more! These workshops are FREE to attend and registration is required. For more information regarding our group/workshops, contact us via email at or by phone at (888) 761-8240.

We would love to have you! A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens, Inc. has implemented several programs designed to target teen mothers. List of our current programs are as follows but are not limited to:

Adult Education Program

Adult Education Program 
To the next level is the 12-week flagship program of ACH designed to prepare teen mothers for the GED, increase their financial literacy, and provide them with job readiness skills.

Career Development Workshops

Charmingly Your’s Etiquette Program

Charmingly Your’s Etiquette Program
These sessions address topics that include but not limited to personal hygiene, manners, self-respect, character, leadership, proper dress attire, and table manners for teen mothers and young ladies between the ages of 14-19.

Dream Big/Vision Board Workshop
Helps teen mothers to set and visualize realistic, short and long term goals and understand the steps that will lead to their success.

Earn While You Learn Program

Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy Program
Focuses on accomplishing and understanding one’s finances and to set goals for monetary growth. Personal finances are one of the many topics that youth are rarely given guidance. Teen mothers learn about opening and balancing a checking account, how to save money, investing or the value of exemplary credit.

Resume Writing/Interviewing Skill Workshops

Sister 2 Sister Mentoring Program

Sister 2 Sister Mentoring Sessions
Sister 2 Sister Mentoring Sessions matches teenage mothers with caring mentors to improve their ability to develop a positive attitude about their future and empower them to break the behaviors that lead to teen pregnancy. Assigned mentors serve as role models both in academic and professional matters.