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A Caring Hand Foundation for Pregnant Teens Inc. became a reality In January 2012. For many years, I dreamed of helping teenage mothers. I reflect on the days when I stood in their shoes and wanted to be someone who could offer to help young mothers make positive choices for themselves and their babies. Over the years ACH has been afforded the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of teen mothers, to God be the Glory! As I look back over the years, our Charmingly Yours Etiquette Workshop, “Keys To Becoming Successful” Career Day Workshop, Back to School Giveaway, “What is the current state of your resume and career?” Workshop, and the There is a Champion in your Holiday of Giving. All been impactful and life-changing. Three of our teen mothers graduated high school, two of them are working and one pursuing higher education at a local community college. We have provided over 30 teen mothers with care packages; 5 of which were emergency care packages. Your donation today allows us to sustain our efforts and expand our reach in our effort to make a difference. By supporting our mission, you are uplifting and enhancing the lives of a teenage mother and positively affecting generations to come.

Connie Harris-Williams – Founder

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